"We believe India is a confluence of medieval day discoveries driving todays' civilisations, our cities - melting pots of ancient arts architecture food, societies within communities, our villages & forests - a humble consciousness that the most precious things in life are moments & memories"



our dEsign Studio

what we do & how we do it 

what we do & how we do it 

We dream, explore, create and craft unique tRavel experiEnces from the time the thought strikes you, to the email you  drop us, to the chats we have understanding your individual interests as a single  Traveller, couple, family or close group of 4 - 6 friends - we dEsign & oRganise your  unique experience trails, accommodation, surface-air-rail transport 

we dEsign --- essentially --- Every aspect of your Travel from your door-step-in-between-back-home ...  

Our experIence

Seasoned Crew

our designers ms.akr

our designersms.akr

the explorIndya dEsigners curate and craft unique travel experiences by personally engaging with each prospective traveler to dEsign a Tailor-made holiday, by carefully understanding their interests, personalities and what they do, from their passions to their definite mustn't does. 

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Travelers Journals  

 To me as a Jain, but more importantly as a traveller, what hit me the most was how strong an attraction I felt for this place. I decided to give it time and then proceeded to spend a half-day sitting on those centuries old stone stairs that led down into the lily pond to understand why. ...

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