TRAVEL because you have no idea who you are until you experience yourself through different people and realise how we’re all the SAME
— ... annoymous

our footPrint endeavour

We as individuals & now as a travel dEsign outfit believe in preserving our Traditional Culture, Values & the very Planet we live on. Our travel dEsigns aim at sharing our passion for travel & discovery while continuously creating a sense of regional egological awareness, a peek into ethnic traditions & tribal lives, ancient religions & art | craft forms and efforts to sustain the livelihoods that depend on them.

Our objective of travel experience dEsign is also deeply rooted in sharing with travellers a true sense of perspective and understanding of a region's history, its people, their cultures and the realities that surround them in this changing world.


our footPrint responsibilities 

We proudly undertake

Ecological responsibilities

- myClimate = our commitment to our environment, we would offset this CO2 emissions by pledging to donate towards the purchase of Carbon Credits calculated for your trip which will ultimately be invested in projects across the developing world that commit to reduce green house gasses.

Social Responsibilities

-  Light for Life Foundation = as you travel through India with us, we take the opportunity to sponsor 
1 Solar Lantern &
1 Solar Cooker for one family within Rural India 
Villages where electricity is either a scarcity or is not available entirely.